Top 5 Ways Physicians Can Protect Against a Data Breach

In a recent post, we discussed the growing problem of unsecured smartphone and mobile device use by physicians. Let’s dig deeper into this issue and figure out what you, specifically, can do to protect yourself and your practice.

Top Five Things Physicians Can Do to Protect Against a Data Breach on Their Mobile Device:

1. Don’t lose it. According to the Ponemon Institute, the most common reason for a data breach is a lost or stolen device. According to their most recent study, this accounted for 49% of data breaches reported.
2. If you work for a larger institution, make sure your device is approved and set up by the organization with the appropriate security measures. (In other words, don’t just use your own smartphone or mobile device for patient data or contact.)
3. If you do use your own mobile device, make sure it is encrypted, password protected and has anti-virus products installed.
4. Know if your liability policy covers you and your practice in the event of a data breach. If it doesn’t, you may want to consider getting additional data breach coverage.
5. Establish a mobile device policy for your practice and your employees detailing who can use the devices, if they can leave the office, what to do if a device is lost or stolen, etc.

You don’t want to open yourself to medical liability, or worse, face a med mal lawsuit because of a preventable problem. Our professionals are here to discuss the issue of data breach and any other issues related to your professional liability policy of concern to you. Contact us today.

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