The Doctors Company Announces Rate Reduction for Washington Physicians

The Doctors Company is pleased to announce an overall average premium reduction of 7.2 percent for Washington physicians. The rate reductions will apply to all new and renewal policies effective on or after January 1, 2008. Some Washington physicians will have premium reductions of up to 25 percent, depending on specialty.

The Doctors Company is able to offer this rate reduction as a result of an improved loss experience and decreasing claims frequency in the state of Washington. The Doctors Company has served Washington physicians for 20 years, and currently insures more than 1,600 physicians in Washington and 32,000 members nationwide.

This premium reduction is in addition to other member benefits, including a claims free credit up to 17.5 percent, the Washington multi-year dividend plan that is averaging 7 percent a year, and the Tribute Plan®, a financial benefit program that earmarks approximately 10 percent of an insured doctor’s annual premium as a retirement reward.

If you’re interested in speaking to The Doctors Company about the premium reductions and/or the company’s plans for growth in Washington, please contact or 707/226-0261.