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Telemedicine Reimbursement Rates

Telemedicine can have variable reimbursement rates, an important thing for physicians to be aware of. In the seventh and final part of our series, Physician Focus: Telemedicine, Healthcare Matters sits down with award-winning physician Dr. Jonathan Terry, an osteopathic physician and surgeon and psychiatrist who uses telemedicine extensively in his practice. Dr. Terry describes how the physician reimbursement rate can depend on whether the patient is covered under Medicare, Medicaid, or through a commercial insurer.

Dr. Terry explains how physicians and practices must do their homework when setting up a telemedicine practice. In cases where many patients are covered by only a few insurers or payers, it may be easy for physicians and practices to find out how these top payers reimburse for telemedicine. For practices with more variability, this may be more difficult. To learn more about reimbursement rates, watch Part VII below. To see the full interview, click here.