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MPLI Executive Insights: Paul Greve, Executive Vice President, Willis Towers Watson Health Care Practice

On the latest episode of Healthcare Matters, we interview Paul Greve, Executive Vice President at Willis Towers Watson Health Care Practice for our segment, MPLI Executive Insights. We sat down with Greve during the 2017 Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) Medical Professional Liability Symposium, where he moderated the panel, “Hot Topics: Regulatory and Related Changes in Healthcare.” We spoke with Greve on many topics, including the effect that changing or replacing the Affordable Care Act could have on hospitals and physician liability and the possibility of including federal tort reform in future healthcare legislation. Greve addressed how measures like caps on noneconomic damages, affidavits of merit and safe harbor laws could impact the medical liability industry.

Greve spoke with us as part of our new segment, MPLI Executive Insights, where we talk with top medical liability industry executives on current trends in medical liability, where the industry may be headed in the future and the impact of politics and reform efforts on the medical liability industry.

MPLI Executive Insights: Andre Stewart, Chief Underwriting Officer – NORCAL Mutual

Join us for the first episode of our new Healthcare Matters segment, MPLI Executive Insights, where we interview top medical liability executives on current and future trends and developments in the industry. Today’s segment features Andre Stewart, Chief Underwriting Officer for NORCAL Mutual, who joined us during the 2017 Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) Medical Professional Liability Symposium. Stewart discussed several topics with us, including the importance of underwriting profits; how ‘shock losses’ can disturb the market, and the implications of repealing the Affordable Care Act on the medical liability industry.

Founded in 1975 in San Francisco, NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company has expanded from its West Coast origins to offer medical malpractice insurance in 35 states, including newly-added Colorado and Minnesota. NORCAL has maintained a rating of “A” or higher with A.M. Best throughout its history.

The GOP Plan to Reduce Frivolous Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Join us on the latest episode of Healthcare Matters as we speak with Representative Phil Roe (R-Tenn) and Representative Andy Barr (R-Ky) about the American Healthcare Reform Act of 2017 (HR 277), a bill they introduced to Congress in January. Their bill would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), President Obama’s signature healthcare law. Unlike the ACA, HR 277 includes provisions to help reform the medical liability system, including a “safe harbor” for physicians who follow clinical practice guidelines. The bill would also move certain types of medical liability cases from state courts to federal court.

Rep. Roe was a practicing OB-Gyn prior to being elected to Congress in 2009 from Tennessee’s 1st District. Rep. Andy Barr, elected in 2013 from Kentucky’s 6th District, is a former trial attorney. Both are members of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), where they worked with current Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, who has also been a proponent of including medical liability reform in Republican efforts to replace the ACA.

Click below to view our full interview with Rep. Roe and Rep. Barr.


Cunningham Group Launches Healthcare Matters Internet Television Program

Cunningham Group, the nation’s largest independent agency representing medical malpractice insurance
products, announced today the launch of Healthcare Matters, a new internet television program that explores
the intersection of healthcare practice, the business of medicine and the law. Healthcare Matters can be located
at https://www.cunninghamgroupins.com/all-md/healthcare-matters.

Hosted by Michael Matray—editor of Medical Liability Monitor, the medical professional liability industry’s
publication of record—Healthcare Matters investigates pertinent issues facing healthcare professionals such as
succeeding in a post-Affordable Care Act healthcare delivery system, best practices for avoiding lawsuits, risk
management, how to react when faced with a medical malpractice claim and new trends in medical liability

“We created Healthcare Matters as a service to our clients when we noticed many of our insureds shared similar
concerns regarding healthcare reform and how it affects their medical malpractice risk,” said James
Cunningham, Cunningham Group president and chief executive. “There’s a lot of moving parts right now in the
healthcare arena, and this has understandably created some confusion. As an agency that has represented
medical malpractice insurance for more than 60 years, we have relationships with many of the industry’s
experts on a wide array of topics. With Healthcare Matters, we get to present expert opinions directly to
physicians, office managers, hospital executives and physician extenders.”

Healthcare Matters launches today with a series of video interviews conducted with medical liability defense
attorneys affiliated with the Association of Liability Lawyers in Medical Defense (ALL MD), the nationwide
organization dedicated to connecting healthcare providers with the nation’s top medical defense attorneys, on a
range of topics relevant to the modern practice of medicine. Future episodes will feature a roundtable
discussion with medical liability defense attorneys and physician leaders, how to find the best price on medical
malpractice insurance, billing and coding issues, medical technologies and how to prepare for a RAC audit.
Once its viewership is established, Healthcare Matters intends to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity
to submit questions and topics for future episodes.