Tim Arnieri

Tim Arnieri

Senior Account Executive

Upon graduation from Northern Illinois University, Tim started his insurance career at one of the largest financial services firms in the nation, where he specialized in annuities, disability, term and whole life insurance. After honing his skills, Tim wanted to expand his knowledge of all insurance products, and accepted a position as an Account Executive at a wholesale insurance brokerage based in Chicago. While helping develop an in-house binding authority within the healthcare division, he was presented with an opportunity to make an inter-company move into the Property Underwriting division. This piqued Tim’s interest as he had never been on the opposite side of the spectrum and had the opportunity to work directly with one of the most respected underwriters in the nation. As an Assistant Underwriter, Tim gained valuable knowledge of the behind the scenes work that goes into rating an account and where the pricing is derived from. This has helped Tim develop relationships with the underwriters and gain a better understanding of the specific documentation they need in order to provide a quote in a timely fashion.

Tim has been with the Company since the beginning of 2010. He specializes in solo physicians as well as larger groups, and physicians with adverse claims history. He is also well versed in Business Owners Packages for small physician offices, which will provide coverage for their contents, any lost income due to catastrophic loss and any General Liability claims (basic slips and falls, etc.) Tim also handles disability insurance for any physicians who are just getting into practice or those who have not thought about purchasing it. For physicians, this is an extremely important product as it protects against the risk of no longer being able to properly perform your job functions for which you have studied and been trained to do.

The medical malpractice insurance market has been soft for a while now, and as a result premiums are at an all-time low for practitioners and ancillary employees. Tim relishes in the fact that he is consistently able to find the lowest price in the marketplace for his clients. He takes the time to educate his clients about the malpractice carriers and each one’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as offering tips for getting their practice up and running. Even if they do not become a client, they are better informed when making future malpractice as well as business decisions.

Tim is married and lives in Brookfield, Illinois. He is an active thespian and enjoys traveling, golf and skiing as well.