Roger Detrich

Roger Detrich

Vice President and Director for Texas and Arizona

My name is Roger Detrich. I am a Vice President and Director for Texas and Arizona for the Cunningham Group with an office in Austin, TX. I have spent the last 30+ years helping healthcare providers of all specialties buy the best protection for their medical professional liability insurance needs at the best price possible.

I have served as liaison for the medical professional liability insurance programs of a large, national insurer for nine (9) state medical associations and three (3) state hospital associations; helped create and manage a medical society sponsored malpractice insurer in Missouri; and managed a doctor-owned malpractice insurer in Texas for five (5) years that insured over 5000 physicians. And, I also managed a hospital-owned professional liability insurer of 165 Texas hospitals for those same years.

Over the past fifteen (15) years as their independent agent, I have utilized my expertise and experience with individuals, small groups, large groups, clinics, urgent care centers, surgery centers, etc in Texas and Arizona to enhance their medical professional liability insurance programs. Most of the providers I have worked with over these years continue to allow me to represent them. I always provide them the most prompt responses to all inquiries and the prompt turnaround times and service responses that they expect, and that are needed to avoid problems and assure long term success. Frequent, personal contact is encouraged and welcomed.

Being known by and knowing those insurers who are seeking to offer insurance terms and pricing enables me to save my clients time and money by being able to determine early on which insurer(s) will offer the best terms and pricing, and to know in advance what are the best steps to take to assure my clients applications are promptly reviewed and approved.

I want to be your medical professional liability insurance agent. Please contact me toll free at 866-336-2884 or via email at rdetrich (@) Or, direct to my mobile phone at 512-796-7794.