David Leander

David Leander

Program Director and Senior Account Exec.
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David began his career working for Doctors In Touch (DIT), a physician-owned company that specialized in providing educational material, as well as risk management services for physicians and surgeons. For 3 years, David was the Chief Operating Officer for DIT and oversaw the development of The Online Patient Satisfaction Survey, the Cultural Sensitivity Course, and all of the material regarding “what to do in the event of an adverse outcome.” In 2006, David left DIT to oversee marketing for Cunningham Group, one of the oldest independent agencies specializing in Medical Malpractice Insurance in the country. David quickly moved into sales and helped develop a new company, My Medical Malpractice Insurance.com (MMMI), which he ran from 2007 to 2015. MMMI was rolled under the Cunningham Group brand and David still leads this sales team. “Cunningham Group afforded me the opportunity to strengthen my professional liability experience, and when the opportunity to start My Medical Malpractice Insurance came along, I had to take a chance to prove I could help physicians all over the country, not the handful of states CG works in.”

As leader of the online Sales Division, David oversees the day-to-day operations, but his main focus is assisting doctors all over the country with their Medical Malpractice Insurance. David’s unique approach provides the platform for each physician to feel comfortable and confident in sharing his or her unique situation.

David specializes in physicians who’ve been non-renewed or have past claims, or just need to reduce their costs.

David graduated with a BA in History from Northeastern Illinois University. He holds a property/casualty insurance license. David lives outside Chicago with his wife.