How We Help Our Clients Succeed & Thrive

      Resources for Cunningham Group Clients

      Cunningham Group understands that physician and healthcare professionals need all the assistance they can get in today’s healthcare environment. You know that we can secure you the lowest priced medical malpractice insurance policy with any of the major “A” rated carriers. We have also created a gamut of resources to help you and your practice thrive. Here’s a brief list of what you get access to when you become a Cunningham Group client:

      ALL MD
      The Association of Liability Lawyers in Medical Defense was created to help our clients gain fast access to the top healthcare defense attorneys in the country. Whether you are practicing in California, New York or Texas, we have a team of attorneys ready to answer your toughest legal questions. Our ALL MD attorneys have dedicated their lives to defending physicians, healthcare professionals and their reputations. ALL MD’s motto: Assisting Healthcare Professionals as theyNavigate the Risk Corridors of Modern Medicine.

      7 Secrets your Medical Malpractice Insurance Agent Will Not Tell You
      Not all agent are created equal…..learn what insiders have known for decades. This will lead you to paying less for your medical malpractice insurance policy.

      Free Practice Tools

      We are constantly getting feedback from our clients on how we can help them improve their bottom line. We listened and have created the following Practice Tools. These are free for all Cunningham Group clients:

      Customizable Patient Satisfaction Survey System (PSSS)
      Cunningham Group was one of the first companies to create a Patient Satisfaction Survey System to help physicians and their practices pinpoint any glaring issues. As you know, the patient experience doesn’t just begin when they are speaking to the doctor. The other areas that one must be aware of include:
      1. The interaction with the patient when setting appointment
      2. The waiting room
      3. The staff at the front desk. If your patient had a bad experience at your office before seeing the physician, this can lead to a rise in medical malpractice claims.
      4. Follow-up with patient.

      Our PSSS is fully customizable and will offer incredible insight into your practice.

      Office Practice and Procedure Manual
      Our specialist will help you develop an Office Practice & Procedure Manual for your practice. Having procedures in writing will help keep your staff from working outside the normal boundaries. This will lead to fewer claims.

      Risk Management Specialist
      Our Risk Manager is available by appointment to answer any questions you may have. Understanding basic risk management practices will keep your claims at a minimum and lead you to paying less for your medical malpractice insurance.