Records Requests from Patients Who Owe for Services

Part VI of our series, Patient Records Requests: What you Need to Know, we explore the question of what to do when a records request comes from a patient who is in arrears. As attorney Richard J. Rymond of Reminger Co., LPA explains, even if a patient owes money for services, there is no justification for withholding that patient’s medical records. Patients are always entitled to their medical records. Richard also addresses the separate question on whether or not it is reasonable for physicians and healthcare facilities to charge for producing a copy of the patient’s medical records. He explains that many states have statutes limiting the amount that can be charged for producing copies of medical records. Richard also warns against high fees (even if legal) and a prepayment requirement, saying that physicians may want to reconsider these impulses due to risk management concerns.

View Part VI of our series below, or click here to see the entire interview.


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