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Doctor Rescues Peers from Stress

A conspiracy of silence often shrouds busy professionals . No one wants to admit that burnout is rampant. Dy. Myo Thant, a respected oncologist with 26 years in practice, just broke through by starting RelaxDoc, a member-only web site for doctors to help each other find better work/life balance.

At, doctors find a forum for candid discussions about the ups and downs of their practice. By offering a safe space for talking about everything from personal interests, treatment strategies, and work, Dr. Thant hopes to begin reversing recent trends in physician retention.

Having just authored the new book, Talk Ain’t Cheap: It’s Priceless, I am struck by the fact that doctors can’t find face-to-face communications and candid conversations within the hospital and medical practice walls. What would it take for physicians within a local community to create gatherings designed to support each other. Are egos an issue? Is the anonymity essential? (Note, that physicians must provide basic information to confirm their status in order to gain access and no drug reps or vendors are permitted in.)

Dr.Thant deserves praise for taking the first step. Perhaps we need,, or as a way of easing the tensions of this demanding world. Then maybe we could pave the way for face-to-face interaction. Novel approach.

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