Physicians Total Care Helps North Carolina Practice Integrate Physician Dispensing

Physicians Total Care

Tulsa, OK, May 27, 2008 –(– Due to decreased reimbursements from managed care companies, Hickory Family Practice in Hickory, N.C., began looking for different avenues to increase profitability. Integrating physician medication dispensing through Physicians Total Care allowed Hickory Family Practice to generate additional revenue for the practice.

The five-physician practice installed the PTC9000 software from Physicians Total Care in January 2005. Rhonda Crawley, the dispensary manager at Hickory Family Practice, worked hand-in-hand with Physicians Total Care to establish new insurance contracts with companies not currently recognizing physician dispensing, such as Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employees.

“With the help of Frank Larkin (Physicians Total Care COO) and Ken Graeler (Physicians Total Care Executive VP) and my persistence, we managed to make the initial contact with them and they now recognize and reimburse physician dispensing,� said Crawley.

Since they first started the system in January 2005, Hickory Family Practice has steadily increased the number of prescriptions they dispense each month, from just over 200 prescriptions in their first month of dispensing, to now approximately 2,000 prescriptions per month.

“They are highly successful users of the PTC9000 physician dispensing system,” said Warren Moseley, president of Physicians Total Care. “I’m glad that we were able to help them establish the goals they wanted with physician medication dispensing.”

This success came in part through Hickory Family Practice’s decision to educate their patients on the benefits of physician dispensing.

“We had to explain the convenient service of filling their prescriptions while in the office and prescription co-pays remaining the same as if they went to their retail pharmacy,” said Crawley. “Furthermore, PTC keeps drug costs low enough to enable us to be competitive with area pharmacies.â€?

Hickory Family Practice patients quickly came to appreciate the convenience and increased customer service of physician dispensing.

“The individualized customer service and quick response of prescription inquiries like interactions, allergies, dosages, etc., are a very important aspect of this convenience for patients,” said Crawley. “Because of this service, over 50 percent of my business is repeat (refills) business.”

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About PTC
PTC has repackaged and distributed pharmaceuticals since 1986. Based in Tulsa, Okla., PTC maintains DEA, FDA and state pharmaceutical licenses in 25 states (and growing).

PTC developed the PTC9000 Medication Management System® dispensing software for use in all point-of-care environments – from a solo practice to the largest and most sophisticated multi-site clinic. The software is maintained at state-of-the-art levels for all PTC9000 users at no additional charge. Since 2000, regional and national media attention has resulted in PTC’s rapid growth and many more satisfied patients and physicians.

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