Physicians: 4 Things You Need to Know About Moonlighting

Male physician Are you a physician looking for a moonlighting gig? (To us, moonlighting is taking on a second, part-time position in addition to your full-time position.) If so, here’s what you need to know before embarking on your search:

1. You should first make sure that your current, full-time employment contract doesn’t prohibit you from taking on such a position. Read your contract completely and carefully.

2. You may want to consider taking on a position as a Medical Director for a medi-spa or NP or PA practice. These positions are often a great option for a moonlighting physician –they are often easy to find, and they typically don’t require direct patient care (unless you want to do so) or being on-call.

3. Your new employer will most likely require you to get your own medical malpractice insurance coverage for this position. If this doesn’t come up in the interview process, ASK ABOUT IT. You never want to assume that you’re covered.

4. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: your current full-time position medical malpractice insurance coverage will NOT cover you for an additional, moonlighting position. We have seen many physicians assume that because they had medical malpractice insurance for their current position, that it would cover them for additional positions. IT MOST LIKELY DOES NOT. Again, always ask.

So, make sure you can work at another job, and make sure that you are covered!

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