Physician Focus: Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a growing part of healthcare. Due to rapid developments in technology, physicians are able to interact with patients in ways that were impossible just a few years ago. Telemedicine can help physicians reach under-served communities, provide convenience to patients and allow for remote diagnostic and patient-monitoring, among many other services. In our video series, Physician Focus: Telemedicine, Healthcare Matters sits down with Jonathan Terry, DO, ABIHM, an award-winning osteopathic physician and psychiatrist who uses telemedicine extensively in his practice. In this full interview, Dr. Terry discusses many aspects of the practice of telemedicine, including how telemedicine affects the doctor-patient relationship, how the Affordable Care Act impacts telemedicine and how telemedicine is regulated. He also addresses many practical questions, such as how informed consent should be handled when using telemedicine, reimbursement rates for doctors and how to properly document the use of telemedicine in electronic medical records. See below to watch the full interview with Dr. Terry, or click here to watch Parts I – VII.


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