Panel mulls insurance for erring doctors

KUWAIT : Around 40 to 45 medical malpractice cases were filed against some doctors assigned at the Ministry of Health, reliable sources told Al-Jareeda indicating the Ministry won in most of these cases.
The committee on the insurance to protect doctors in medical malpractice cases has agreed to send a delegation to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates to study the implementation of medical regulations in these countries and benefit from their expertise in this field.
With some Ministry officials as members, the committee earlier discussed a statistical report on the number of doctors in Kuwait and their fields of specialization as well as the number of medical malpractice cases filed against them. The committee will forward a report on the issue to the Union of Insurance Offices to determine the actual value of the insurance policies for protecting doctors against any medical error.
Sources said the committee was formed in August last year to study the offers submitted by several insurance companies to protect doctors in facing a medical malpractice lawsuit.
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