OPINION: U.S. Needs National Insurance Plan



I spent six years of my life practicing medicine in Lancaster as a dedicated and well-trained family physician. I loved my work, but I felt thwarted and deeply frustrated. Each time I prescribed a carefully thought-out treatment plan, I then had to spend further time justifying that plan to the patient’s insurer. Or worse, I had to figure out how to treat someone who did not have the means to pay for care and who had no insurance at all.

While our practice generously allowed me to donate care to needy patients (something I did on a regular basis), we could not afford to cover needed tests or medications. The health insurance company was literally “in the room” every time I made a decision. On many occasions I had to give the care the patient could afford, rather than what I thought was the best care. Add to this situation the constant threat of frivolous malpractice suits and long working hours with little time for family – is it any wonder I left medicine?

It is time for change in this country. The richest nation in the world can, and must, afford quality health care for all its citizens. I support a national insurance plan that covers everyone. Period. I support HR 676.

Rachel Moore, M.D., Lititz

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