What You Should Expect From Your Professional Liability Agent

Med Mal Insurance Agent Working The professional liability agents at MyMedicalMalpracticeInsurance.com feel that our clients should expect a lot from us. We are professionals, just like they are. They specialize; we specialize. Here are eight things that we believe you should reasonably expect from us (and, really, any professional liability agent).

1. Ideally, your insurance agent should specialize in professional liability insurance. Med mal insurance is complex, varies widely state-to-state, and varies widely depending on the physician’s specialty and practice situation. At MyMedicalMalpracticeInsurance.com, med mal is all we do. We know the market inside and out.

2. A good professional liability agent should be happy to explain any and all terms and concepts to you, regarding med mal insurance, that you do not understand. Like medicine, med mal insurance has its own specialized language that can be confusing.

3. You should expect your professional liability agent to learn and ask about your unique practice situation. Malpractice insurance is not one-size-fits-all. And, by reviewing the details or your situation, the right policy can be found/created for you and/or often money can be saved.

4. Your agent should try to find discounts for you, where applicable. This includes, but is not limited to, new-to-practice discounts, risk management CME discounts, claims-free discount, etc.

5. Your agent should have relationships with all of the major carriers in your state as well as the local carriers. Ask your agent if they do –do not assume that they do. Many insurance sales people work for only one company or a parent insurance company that has just a few companies beneath it. We work with everyone from Lloyd’s of London to Medical Protective to The Doctors Company.

6. Your agent should return your calls within one business day. Our agents strive to return business calls the same day.

7. If you have had a claim or claims, your professional liability agent should ask you questions about the claim, in order to be able to understand the situation, and present you to the insurance companies in the best possible light.

8. Even if you have had a claim or claims, your agent should be able to find you insurance coverage. In most situations, even with claims, an agent should be able to find you coverage. Only in the rarest of circumstance have we not been able to find a physician coverage. And, in those cases, we were able to refer them to the proper state authorities to get them coverage.

Make sure that your professional liability agent is working for you on all levels.

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