Top 5 Moonlighting Ideas & the Physician Liability Coverage Needed

Happy Physician with ChartBecause physician liability coverage is so expensive, and the student loans that many physicians face are so massive, physicians are often looking for extra ways to make money. Luckily, there are many different things that physicians can do on the side to bring in extra income.

At, we see all different kinds of physician circumstances and hear a lot about side-jobs and the various moonlighting gigs our physicians have. And, no matter what our physicians do, or how many jobs they have, we always want to make sure that their physician liability coverage needs are met and their risk is appropriately covered. Of course, different specialties have different opportunities, but we thought we’d take a moment and list a few of the more popular options here.

Top 5 Moonlighting Ideas for Physicians:

1. Performing social security disability physicals
2. Acting as a Medical Director for non-physician-owned clinics, medi-spas and urgent care centers
3. Acting as an expert witness
4. Reviewing and creating content for iPhone and Android apps
5. Writing and blogging for medical associations and medical websites

Now, the big question is: Does your traditional physician liability policy cover these activities?! Let’s address each of these, one at a time.

Regarding performing social security disability physicals: There is traditionally a low liability associated with this activity. Additional coverage is inexpensive, usually $2,000-5,000 yearly depending on the state and number of physicals performed.

Medical Director policies are not covered by a typical physician liability policy. Instead, a physician needs an errors and omissions insurance policy, which typically costs $1,000-$3,000/year for non-patient contact. (With these policies, direct patient contact is usually limited.)

Expert witnesses typically do not need physician liability coverage. If a physician breaks the law in this situation, he or she would face criminal penalties, but not med mal liability.

Regarding apps: The developer of an app may need to purchase general liability insurance.

A writer/blogger should make sure the blog or publication has media liability coverage.

For further details on the coverage needed for these types of side-jobs, contact today.

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