New Wireless Devices for Primary Care Medicine

Side Note: Medicine changes fast –that’s nothing new. But, medicine does seem to be changing faster than ever –especially in the realm of health care technology. Within the past several years, over 1700 smartphone apps have been developed for physicians. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The article below reports on six new medical devices that are likely to become part of a primary care physician’s practice in the near future. One of the amazing new types of devices reported below is the smart pill. Because patient compliance is sometimes a concern for physicians, they may have a new weapon in their arsenal. The article talks about new devices that are being developed that can be incorporated into patients’ medications. The new devices will be able to do everything from letting the physician know if the medication was taken, to provide vital sign readings for the patient or caregiver. Read the article below for more on the future of medicine and some of the new devices already out or about to hit the market.

While advances in medicine are a good thing, they do present their share of problems and necessary considerations and change how medicine is practiced. Specifically, in the realm of technology, physicians need to worry about a data breach and keeping their patients’ information secure. Fortunately, many of the professional medical liability insurance policies provided by contain data breach coverage. Ask if your policy contains this coverage.

Keeping up with all of the latest medical advances and devices is tough. Getting the best possible rates for your physician liability policy is not. At, we have insurance providers competing for your business. This means we can provide you with low med mal premiums just right for your practice.

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Six Amazing Ways That Wireless Devices Are Transforming Primary Care
Maija Rothenberg
Posted: 06/08/2010 on


New and upcoming wireless medical devices may redefine the way primary care physicians practice medicine. In addition to the more than 1700 smartphone applications (apps) designed for use by medical professionals, other wireless devices are being developed at breakneck speed.

Wireless health technologies are involved in innovative products that enable physicians to diagnose illness, monitor patients, and transmit medical data from the point of care. Key health data are conveyed more rapidly and accurately, enabling speedier treatment decisions and faster adjustments in care.

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