National Med Mal Agent Vs the Local Guy

Man on Phone With the internet, we know that physicians and caregivers have endless opportunities for their medical malpractice coverage –including, deciding between a national med mal agent or a local agent. The following is a brief breakdown as to the benefits of using a national med mal agent.

Recently, one of our agents was speaking with a new client who was the manager of a 3 person gastroenterology group in Dallas, TX. While going over the details of the new policy, and how to proceed in case of a claim, the new client stopped him mid-sentence, thanked him again for his due-diligence, and told him that although he liked his local guy, and enjoyed the lunches that he bought them, he’d much rather save the $6,000 off of his medical malpractice rates, rather than get a free steak. This is one of the advantages of using a national med mal agent –one of many that are based on price and convenience, rather than back-slapping and free lunches.

Pricing. Because we work with all of the national medical malpractice insurance companies, as well as most, if not all, of the regional carriers, as national med mal agents we can usually access better rates, and provide lower cost options for all types of practices.

Availability. The agents of Cunningham Group are available, at their desks, and ready to take calls all day. We rarely make outside appointments because we want to be available in case you need anything –like certificates of insurance, a market analysis or have a general question about your policy. This is important to note because when you call the number that you are provided with, you will talk to a live person, not be stuck in annoying phone trees or have to worry if you will be called back or not.

Better Knowledge of the Market & Knowledge on a National Level. Finally, knowledge and access is the key to keeping costs down and having a positive medical malpractice experience. The national med mal agents at Cunningham Group can provide solutions at the local, state and national level, no matter your situation or coverage needs. We have seen it all –from different employment situations to complicated claims histories.

Call us today and let our size work for you.

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