MITSS: an Organization (and Phone Number!) Every Care Giver Should Know

Physician MITSS, Medically Induced Trauma Support Services, is an organization that every care giver should know about. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that we often write about medical errors and the frequent, resulting fall-out of charges of medical malpractice on care givers. But, today, instead of talking about the consequences of medical malpractice on care givers, we’d like to talk about the emotional consequences of errors on care givers.

While not all errors have a significant impact on patients or care givers, some of them do. And, usually errors that have a major impact on patients also have a major impact on care givers. Quite simply, errors that are devastating to patients are often devastating to care givers. And, while it is obvious that patients need support and care during these times, care givers are often forgotten about or underserved in these situations. Such errors can be life-changing for care givers, leaving many clinicians feeling isolated or vilified, causing them to question their career choices, resulting in depression, shame or guilt, and even suicidal thoughts.

But, this is where MITSS can be of help. This unique organization offers real, tangible support. MITSS provides DIRECT services for care givers seeking confidential emotional support. Care givers can call their hotline: 1.888.36MITSS (1.888.366.4877) for confidential, one-on-one support.

In addition, MITSS provides a host of other services and support –not only for care givers, but also for patients and families. The organization advocates for support services for care givers in healthcare organizations using a model of peer support. And, it provides an online toolkit to get one started at your institution. The organization also provides care givers and patients the opportunity to share their stories online. Finally, it should also be noted that the organization provides telephone support services to patients and families, as well.

Spread the word about this compassionate, practical organization. This organization is like insurance –hopefully you will never need to use it, but if you should, you will be happy to know it’s there.

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