Medi Spa Ins: How to Save Money

Woman at Medical SpaToday we are going to talk about medi spa ins. Medi spa ins is a huge part of what we do here at We cover medi spas in all 50 states and because they are regulated state by state, we have access to a lot of insurance companies. The term “medi spa” is a fairly general term. Medi spas come in all shapes and sizes and provide all types of services. You can be an aesthetician, in Fargo, ND in a hair salon, and you could have another part-time job down the road at a laser hair removal center. Or, you can own your own medi spa in Manhattan that has a staff of 50 and offers Botox, fillers, tumescent liposuction, tattoo removal, every kind of hair removal, chemical peels, facials and massage. You get the idea.

The agents at realize that in a down economy it can be hard for medi spas to be profitable and compete. Quite simply, people are not spending dollars on elective services like those offered in medi spas as much. Your competitors are using one-off deals for Groupon and offering two-for-one services. How do you compete and stay profitable? This is why shopping for medi spa malpractice insurance is such an important thing to do every year. The good news is that there are various programs available that accurately measure the liability that your medi spa has and will provide you with a reasonably priced policy.

As we alluded above, since medi spas vary so much, medi spa insurance can vary a lot as well. For doctors who act as only a Medical Director and don’t see patients, the cost of $1 million in coverage ranges from $1,500 to $3,500 for a first-year, claims-made policy. The difference in cost is usually based on several factors. Key factors include: annual medical spa revenue and estimated number of patient encounters along with the type of services rendered and the state that the medical spa is in. For doctors providing services directly to patients, the cost of coverage once again varies and the price of medi spa insurance ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 for a $1 million/claim and $3 million aggregate first-year, claims-made policy. The cheapest policies are usually for doctors strictly performing injections and fillers. The most expensive coverage is for doctors that have high volume medi spas and are providing a wide variety of services. If you would like a narrower range, feel free to contact one of our agents who can assess your needs and provide an estimate/quote immediately.

One final tip for how medi spas can save additional money is to combine professional liability and general liability on one policy, at one overall lower price. Most of the time, practices carry separate general liability for coverages such as slip-and-fall, theft, fire damage and medical equipment coverage. Those coverages have a minimum premium that they charge, but combined policies usually have much lower minimum premiums. As you can see, there are many facets to medical spa insurance. If you would like to have a detailed conversation about your specific situation, or just want to talk bare-bones pricing, please contact Jason Leander at at or 866-824-0137.

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