Med Mal Ins for Physicians in Training, Pt 1

Every year around this time, the agents and field requests for short-term med mal ins coverage for all types of medical students, including foreign medical students. Luckily for our clients, this type of insurance is readily available, and can be low-cost.

Today we will specifically focus on med mal ins for students and med mal ins for foreign medical students. Up until recently, medical students had limited med mal ins choices and med mal ins for students cost $1,500 minimum and policies were minimum one year in length. Today, policies can be had for any length of time, the cost is significantly less and the processing of the application is very quick.

For foreign medical students, that have an externship or observational requirement, med mal ins for foreign medical students with limits of $1 million per claim and $3 million aggregate, can be had for as little as $400 per month. Policies of up to a year usually max out at $1,000 per year.

The cost of med mal ins for students and foreign medical students ranges from $400 to $1100 depending on the length that the coverage is needed.

Externships that require surgery may not qualify for this coverage. So, always let your agent know if you will be doing surgery and might need surgical med mal ins. For physicians in training in a surgical situation, costs will vary depending on the specialty and the state of practice. Most policies begin at about $1000 base and can go as high as $2500, depending on the situation.

When applying for an externship or an internship, you should be aware that the credentialing department at the hospital where you will be will need proof of med mal ins right away. Because these positions are often very competitive, our agents can give you a quick turn around, which is often essential for securing these positions.

The greatest feature of medical malpractice insurance for students and medical malpractice insurance for foreign medical students is that the agents at have access to exact pricing for whatever your situation. So please complete our online quote request form or call us at 1-866-824-0137 and ask for a med mal ins quote today. Call us even if it’s the evening or weekend. Our agents regularly check their e-mail and voice mail.

Don’t lose your internship or externship because you didn’t secure your med mal ins for students coverage in time!

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