Medical Malpractice Insurance for Doctors in 2011

We here at, the nation’s leading med-mal resource for doctors, is excited about 2011! In 2010, we saved physicians across the nation millions of dollars on their premium.

The thousands of doctors we assisted learned that all medical malpractice insurance brokers are not created equal. Since medical liability insurance is such a niche product, the need for an expert in the industry, and access to every insurance carrier are the 2 most important things you can do to not only lower your costs….but actually lower your liability risks.

A trend we spotted in 2010 was that insurance agents that handle life, homeowners and other less complex lines of insurance were putting up “storefronts” on the internet, claiming they could sell medical malpractice insurance. The two major problems with that, from a doctor’s point of view, goes back to what I mentioned above. Here’s a typical scenario of John Doe, a local insurance agent, who has a son who can create websites:

John’s kid creates a 5 page website stating that the “John Doe Insurance Agency” can now help doctors with their medical malpractice insurance. The site goes up online and John Doe starts advertising on Google and Bing. The typical advertising copy is put up: “Medical Malpractice Insurance for Doctors, Save money…etc.” A doctor, not knowing one site from another clicks on their ad, and submits their personal information. Now, because John Doe has no experience in the med-mal industry, and has no access to insurance companies….what does he do? John calls up, and asks us to help him place the doctor with a carrier. Because we are the nation’s leaders in med-mal, we tell John, no problem, of course we can give you hand. We take it from there, we shop the doctor around to all the carriers in that particular state, and send quotes back to John to give to the doctor. John Doe goes back to the doctor and gives him the quotes from all the insurance carriers. We split the commission that is always built into the premium, and John Doe services the account.

Now, you may say to yourself…..well, John Doe got us the info that the doctor wanted…so end of story. Well, what separates us and our competitors is not just the free quotes. We pride ourselves on our service and our free practice tools that actually lower a doctor’s risk of liability. We have a full-time risk manager on staff who will sit down with physicians and go over every aspect of their practice. Any aspect of a patient’s experience inside the practice: nurses, receptionist, waiting room, can send a patient down the path of filing a claim. We have financial specialists on staff who can help you protect your assets from claims…….we have customer service representatives who average 15 years in the medical malpractice insurance industry who can answer practically any question.

Another scenario that we hear too often about concerning your personal information. A growing trend on the internet is a practice called “Lead Generation”. This where Company A acquires a potential customer’s information and sells that information to Company B. Company B then goes to the customer and pitches their service or product. The problem with this is that your personal information is being technically sold to the highest bidder. Another potential concern is what does Company B do with your info? Do they sell it to a marketing company? Because you’re doctor, do they sell your info to a financial company, a medical supply company…etc? There’s a saying about personal information being sold online: Once one email list broker has your information, EVERY email list broker has your info! According to 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion.
It’s extremely important is this day and age to ensure your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Which is why we have a strict privacy policy to never hand out your information to anyone…ever! We pride ourselves on storing your personal information on some of the most secure servers available to anyone, governments included.

We know you have ample options to choose from when it comes to acquiring your medical malpractice insurance. We just want you to know how to distinguish between the people who sell your information to the highest bidder, the local agent who knows little to nothing about med-mal, and the insurance broker that’s been doing nothing but medical malpractice insurance for healthcare providers since the 70’s.

We don’t just say we’re the best at finding the best medical malpractice insurance rates for doctors, we hear it from physicians all over the country, every day. Request a free medical malpractice insurance quote today, and find out that all med-mal brokers are not created equal!

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