Looking for Med Mal Coverage? Top 6 Things You Need to Know about Cunningham Group

Tow Physicians Sitting at  a Laptop Computer Today let’s keep it simple and talk about why you should feel confident contacting Cunningham Group for your med mal coverage.

Here are the Top 6 Things You Need to Know about Cunningham Group:

1. All we do is med mal insurance. At Cunningham Group, we specialize, just like you do. We don’t wear many hats and don’t try to juggle many different kinds of insurance. We have a niche, med mal coverage, and our goal is simply to meet health care providers’ needs for it.

2. We are licensed in every state. No matter where you are from, we have access to coverage for you.

3. We have access to all of the major med mal carriers. More specifically, we have access to all of the national insurance carriers and most of the regional carriers, too.

4. We understand that your time and money are valuable. That is why we pride ourselves on our efficiency and cost savings. We are able to get most of our health care providers quotes from almost all (if not all) of the companies that offer coverage in their state. And, we are usually able to get our clients a spreadsheet of all of the rates within a couple hours of submission on a typical business day. This allows our clients to “shop around” in one, easy step.

And, you should know that we don’t “lunch” our clients –this means that we are in the office, Monday through Friday, answering our clients’ calls and getting them the information they need.

5. We take your calls on nights and weekends. This is a rarity in the med mal insurance field. We do this because we know that your days are busy and getting quotes for physician liability insurance isn’t always the priority, or even possible, during your work day.

6. We are experts at finding coverage for physicians who have had claims. We have seen it all and we can handle almost any kind of claims history. Because of our large network, and vast experience, we are very good at paring health care providers with insurance companies, even in difficult situations.

If you would like to see our expertise and efficiency in action, contact us today for a free quote.

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