Locum Tenens: What You're Looking For?

Care team around patient in hospital Everyone fantasizes about finding that magical work-life balance, and very few of us find it –especially physicians. But, what about looking at locum tenens work? Many people view locum tenens work only as a second job, often to pay-off medical school debt. But, locum tenens work isn’t just for moonlighters. PhysiciansPractice.com recently had a really creative take on locum tenens work.

The article discussed how locum tenens work could be a good option for you, if:

-You are a new physician and want to try out several different kinds of positions before looking for a more permanent/contract position

-You want to move into a different type of position from the one you currently have, but aren’t sure if you’d like it

-You are a parent and would still like to work, but want more flexibility and/or less responsibility

-You are an unemployed physician needing immediate income

-You are of retirement age, but you don’t want to fully retire and you don’t want all of the administrative work that comes along with maintaining your current practice. (Keep in mind, if you retired and accepted a free tail from your previous insurance company, taking on a new position may violate a provision(s) in the tail agreement. Always check with your insurance agent about this!)

Related to the bold side-note above, if you decide to do locum tenens work, you should always make sure that you have proper insurance coverage. If you do hold another position, do NOT assume that the insurance coverage you have for that position will cover you. Also, do NOT assume that because it is “only” locum tenens work, that your employer will be providing your insurance. ALWAYS ask your employer if you need to obtain your own coverage.

We here at MyMedicalMalpracticeInsurance.com regularly provide insurance for all types of locum tenens work. Call us if you need coverage or if you have any questions!

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