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As part of its ongoing commitment to patient safety, ProMutual Group, a leading provider of medical liability insurance in the Northeast, is pleased to announce that on behalf of its insured physicians, it has negotiated a discount on annual subscriptions to EmmiPrep(TM), an innovative, web-based, patient education and risk management tool. The reduced cost of Emmi will be effective immediately for all policyholders that purchase an annual subscription.

Developed by Emmi Solutions, LLC, the innovative Emmi system is designed to help healthcare providers improve the quality and reduce the costs of healthcare. At the heart of the Emmi system are engaging, interactive programs that help patients and their families understand what to expect before, during and after a medical procedure. The Emmi program’s interactive nature allows patients to ask specific and confidential questions of their physician and alerts physicians to specific concerns the patient may have. This important attribute further enhances communication and strengthens the physician-patient relationship. The program also provides detailed documentation of each patient interaction with the program and provides physicians with a powerful risk management tool to ensure patients understand their role in ongoing care before and after a procedure.

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to promote patient safety,” said Maureen Mondor, vice president of risk management for ProMutual Group. “Emmi provides an excellent means of educating patients, improving the informed consent process and mitigating risk. We think Emmi will be an ideal complement to ProMutual Group’s ongoing efforts to provide superior risk management services to our insureds so they can better meet the needs of patients and the challenges of healthcare practice today.”

Studies indicate that patients who fully understand what to expect from medical procedures are more satisfied with the outcomes and less likely to file medical malpractice claims. Not surprisingly, a 2006 survey conducted by Emmi Solutions found that of the 18,000 patients who had viewed an Emmi program, 96 percent developed a better understanding of their procedure. Additionally, 79 percent of patients found that the program provided new and important information and 85 percent reported that the program increased their confidence in their doctor and comfort level with the procedure.

“I want to do everything I can to increase patient safety and reduce risk in procedures that I perform,” said Dr. Murray Goodman, an orthopedic surgeon in Salem, Mass. “A large part of that is educating patients and helping to bring their expectations in line with reality. I always have an informed consent conversation with my patients, but using Emmi helps many of my patients more fully understand the proposed procedure, the reason behind it, and its risks and benefits.”

By utilizing Emmi in their practices, ProMutual Group policyholders will be able to build relationships with patients, further improve patient satisfaction and increase patient safety.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with ProMutual Group in introducing Emmi to the physicians they insure,” said Jordan Dolin, vice chairman of Emmi Solutions, LLC. “Emmi is a unique, innovative system that has been adopted by some of the most progressive healthcare providers in the country. We think it’s a great fit for ProMutual Group and its insureds to enhance the healthcare experience for everyone involved.”

For more information about the Emmi Solutions program, to schedule an interview with a ProMutual Group representative or speak with a physician currently utilizing the system, please contact Nina Akerley at ProMutual Group via telephone number (617) 946-8665 or by email at

About ProMutual Group

ProMutual Group is the largest provider of medical malpractice liability insurance in New England, insuring more than 18,000 physicians, surgeons, and dentists as well as a large number of hospitals, health centers and clinics. It is one of the top 10 medical liability insurance providers in the country based on direct written premium. ProMutual Group has more than $2 billion in admitted assets, over $500 million in policyholder surplus, and nearly $340 million in direct written premium. ProMutual Group has a Best’s Rating of A- (Excellent), and is a leader in providing risk management and claim services.

Based in Massachusetts, ProMutual Group member companies also operate in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. ProMutual Group distributes its products through independent agents. For more information, visit ProMutual Group’s web site at

About Emmi Solutions

Emmi Solutions, LLC is the producer of the Emmi healthcare communication system, helping health organizations connect more intimately and effectively with patients and their families. In a field where trust and good communication is critical to quality and safety, Emmi is highly regarded as a one-of-a-kind intervention that clarifies complex information using a conversational voice to engage patients and affect behavioral change.

Created in 2002 by a surgeon and a computer game designer, Emmi facilitates physician-patient communication by providing multimedia programs to help patients understand what to expect. Whether it’s preparing for a procedure, living successfully with a medical device, or helping people manage a chronic disease, every detail of the Emmi system is designed with a single goal in mind: to improve quality by helping patients, their families and caregivers take an active role in their care. Better-informed patients who are engaged in their care drive benefits that cascade across all healthcare organizations and interests.
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