How to Buy Medical Malpractice Insurance over the Internet

How to buy medical malpractice insurance online is something that is asked often by our future physician clients. Is it safe? Is it effective? Can I actually get a lower rate and better service then the traditional med-mal insurance agent who shows up unannounced and sits in my waiting room until I have time to visit? Well, I’m here to answer those questions plus a few more we hear from time to time.


There are typically 3 types of companies that sell medical malpractice insurance to physicians online.

      1. A true medical malpractice insurance broker.


      2. An insurance company that dabbles in medical liability insurance.


    3. An online lead generation company that sells the doctor’s info to the highest bidder.

If you are a physician or healthcare professional, you want to choose the first one for number of reasons. The most important reason being that if the company is a true med-mal insurance broker, then that is their specialty. These type of brokers typically have access to every insurance company in the state where you practice medicine. With any product or service, the more options you have, the lower the price will be. In addition, a company that specialized in medical malpractice insurance will be there if a claim arises. They have dealt with them in the past, and know the in’s and out’s to assist the physician so they have the best chance to defend themselves……..against what we typically see as frivolous lawsuits. MyMedicalMalpracticeInsurance falls into this category, we are a division of Cunningham Group. We have been helping physicians find the lowest priced medical malpractice insurance, with the best terms since the 1970’s.

The second type of option for doctors and healthcare professionals in an insurance company that tries their hand at medical liability insurance. These types of companies should be avoided for a few reasons. They typically handle other insurance lines, such as home, auto or life. These types of lines are not similar to medical malpractice insurance and thus you can lose out because they just don’t have the expertise to handle med-mal for doctors. In addition, what these companies typically do, because they are not specialists, and thus don’t have access to every professional liability insurance company in your state, they will take your information and send it to a company like ours…..this enables them to go back to their doctor prospect and show them rates from all companies. This would be fine, but with med-mal insurance being so expensive, the insurance carriers want to know everything the doctors is doing at their medical practice, and if something is missed, the physician may not be covered. This is why it’s important to deal with a medical malpractice insurance specialist like ourselves.

The third option is an online lead generation company that at first look, appears as though they are medical malpractice insurance broker, but if you dig deep, you will see that this is not the case. If you check their About-Us page, you will notice that they “have a relationship” with medical malpractice insurance brokers, and “your information will be submitted to them”. These are clues to watch out for, because these websites are selling your personal information: Name, Email, Phone Number, Address and Specialty, to essentially the highest bidder. In today’s world, with identity theft being such a major issue, we don’t recommend these types of companies because once your information is sold……what happens to it?


Absolutely! We have helped thousands of physicians across the nation obtain medical malpractice insurance at a fraction of the cost they were paying. We have seen over the past years sites like Zappos revolutionize how we buy our shoes. We used to think that there was no way we could order shoes over the internet. Zappos completely crushed that notion and last year they were bought out by Amazon for a billion dollars. The travel industry has completely changed because folks understand that they can use the internet to lower their costs. We consider ourselves the Zappos of the medical malpractice insurance world…….we are the best at what we do! This is not what we think, but what we are told by our new physician clients.


Yes you can. The traditional medical liability insurance agent typically works in a certain area of their state. They drive around from medical practice to medical practice, handing out cookies or other free gifts, trying to get in front of the physician or practice manager. Because they deal in such low volume, they typically don’t have access to all professional liability insurance companies in their state. When you don’t have access, you can’t shop the medical practice’s coverage around and force the price down by pitting the insurance carriers against one another. In addition, they are always out and about, trying to gain new business. On the other hand, we are here, at the office, talking to prospects, and are available to answer any questions our clients may have. You will not get a voicemail when you call…’ll speak to a veteran medical malpractice insurance agent who can help you right then and there. Give it a try: 1-866-824-0137.

We are the nation’s leading medical malpractice insurance company. Join the thousands of physicians and medical groups that have bought their med-mal through us. We have a 97% client retention rate that we are proud of……it means we are going above and beyond for you and are getting you the lowest cost for you medical liability insurance.

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