FDA Approves First App for Physicians

Side Note: This is big news in regards to med mal insurance for physicians. We are big believers in physicians using technology to lower their liability risks, but we are unsure how med-mal insurance carriers will respond. We know that in today’s world, especially with Medicare reductions looming, that it’s important for physicians to use every minute of their day wisely…..which is why we see news like this as positive for today’s medical practice. We hope the liability insurance carriers understand this and award healthcare professionals who adopt this type of technology…..not only does it save the doctor time, but there’s also the possibility that the physician will make fewer mistakes. We see this being the case because there will be very little time between the scan and the physician viewing that particular image. Doctors are some of the busiest professionals out there……and any time you can in a sense, streamline a process, we see this as a way to lower risks….which should lead to lower med mal premium costs. We expect new technology resources to be developed for all specialties including OB/GYN’s and Surgeons.

You can always count on the nation’s leading medical malpractice insurance site for physicians and healthcare professionals to carry the latest in regards to technology. We believe that if this new technology is used properly, doctors will become even better at their job, and if they fit more patients into their daily schedule, this will put more money in their pockets. Join the thousands of physicians who have requested a free med mal quote. You can switch anytime, and it could save you money!

FDA approves iPhone, iPad app for docs
By Rob Stein
from WashingtonPost.com
Posted at 1:24 PM ET, 02/ 4/2011

The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday it had approved the first app that doctors can use to view medical images and make diagnoses using an iPhone or iPad.

The app enables doctors to view images produced by diagnostic tests such as CT (computed tomography) scans, MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) and PET (positron emission tomography) scans.

The app “is not intended to replace full workstations and is indicated for use only when there is no access to a workstation,” the FDA said.

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