What You Need to Know: Hospital Ransomware Attacks

Tom Andre, Vice President of Information Services at the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) sat down with Healthcare Matters to discuss the recent ransomware attack at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, California and its implications for hospitals and the healthcare sector. During our discussion, Mr. Andre explained what a ransomware attack is, how hospitals can protect themselves from being victimized, and whether the healthcare sector can expect more attacks in the future.

Cyber security is a vital part of any hospital’s risk management program, and Mr. Andre described several techniques for protecting computer systems, including having proper email filters and anti-virus software. However, Mr. Andre also pointed out the importance of appropriate training for employees, as many attacks come in by email. These so-called phishing attacks may take employees unawares, as the emails are designed to look legitimate, and may appear to come from a colleague or even the company CEO. To learn more about ransomware, cyber security, and how to protect your system, see our full interview below. To watch Parts I-VII, click here.


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