Meet Your New Favorite Band: Chordiac Arrest

1987_chordiac_arrest Let’s have a little bit of fun today.

Did you know that there was an award-winning a cappella babershop quartet with a medical theme?!  Chordiac Arrest is it.  And, not only did they sing about medicine, but they were really, really good.  Chordiac Arrest finished in the top 10 in their first international competition and they went on to finish in the top 10 three more times after that and won medals twice.  As an added bonus, the band featured The Empire Man from the Empire Today carpet commercials!  Yep, that’s Lynn Hauldren, in the photo above.

While Chordiac Arrest only produced two albums in their career, they look to be terrific and filled with a wonderful dose of humor.  Here they are, along with a few of our favorite titles from each album:

Live and Well!

I See Bones, (Hospital Small Talk)

In My Neat Little Hospital Gown

I Didn’t Mean to Make You Die

Second Opinion

That’s the Worst Jello I’ve Had Since Last July

Eat an Apple Every Day

We Can’t Find His Kidney

We’ll Blow our Nose Together

Unfortunately, Chordiac Arrest is no longer together.  Dick Johnson passed away in 2013.

Finally, in case you’d like a visual, we were able to dig up this gem of a video.  This one is about the airline industry.  (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of their medical songs online…)

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