Medical Malpractice Insurance Savings from Electronic Medical Records yet to be seen

Side note: Since its recent introduction, medical malpractice insurance companies have been promoting electronic medical records, or EMRs, as a “miracle innovation” that would help to lower medical malpractice rates. As of November, 2010, when the Conning Research and Consulting Company released their findings, the promised savings from EMRs have not materialized. The study also shows that the initial “break-in” period for the EMRs may actually cause an increase in medical malpractice litigation.

By Leigh Page
Beckers Hospital Review

Expected malpractice insurance discounts to practices for installing electronic medical records have not yet materialized, according to a report by American Medical News.

Malpractice insurers had been promising that EMRs would lower rates by improving patient safety, but insurers now believe claims will initially rise as practices work through kinks in the new systems.

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