Local doctor retires after 50-year career

side note: I couldn’t imagine paying $30 a year for Medical Malpractice Insurance. With that being said, this physician pays 10K a year….I know some doctors who would love to pay that premium! Congrats to Dr. Moneyhun and his long successful career!

Garrett Stack

ANDERSON — The doors to Dr. James Moneyhun’s office, which have been open for 50 years, will close for the last time this month.

Moneyhun, a 77-year-old family practice physician, has been operating in the same building complex, in the 2000 block of Brown Street, for the last 45 years.

“I was kind of thinking recently that I would retire at 50 years,” Moneyhun said. “But when I was 60 I didn’t imagine I would be practicing for this much longer.”

Moneyhun has seen countless patients throughout his long career, where he has done everything from delivering children to working as a tonsil anesthetist.

“I used to numb tonsils for Dr. King up in the Citizens Bank Building,” he said. “I think I got $15 bucks for it.”

Moneyhun even recalled a time when he used to make house calls at patient’s homes. But those days, he says, are long gone.

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