Louisiana Abortion Clinics File Suit To Block State Ultrasound, Malpractice Laws

side note: This doesn’t pass the sniff test. The Louisiana state legislature recently passed a law that forbids access to the state’s excess liability medical malpractice insurance fund to doctors that perform abortions. Of course, those doctors still must pay into the fund, but cannot access it because those doctors choose to perform a specific, legal medical procedure. In all likelihood, this law will be struck down by the courts, meanwhile costing Louisiana taxpayers a untold dollars defending the clearly improper law.


On Friday, six abortion clinics filed a federal lawsuit challenging two Louisiana abortion laws, including one (SB 528) that requires women seeking abortions to receive ultrasound exams and another (HB 1453) that prevents doctors who perform elective abortions from obtaining medical malpractice insurance, the AP/New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Both laws were overwhelmingly approved by the state Legislature last session, marking the latest development in an “annual ritual” lasting nearly two decades whereby lawmakers typically pass at least one law imposing abortion restrictions and abortion-rights supporters challenging it in court, according to the Times-Picayune.

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