Group Disability Income – Providing For Families When Others Can’t

  • Group Disability Income – Providing For Families When Others Can’t

    What would happen to you and your family if you woke up tomorrow and couldn’t work? How would you pay bills, the mortgage, or even buy food? It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? And it’s even worse if you’re the only income earner in the household.

    Being without work or an income is a situation no one should have to face. This includes you and your staff, but if you offer your staff group disability insurance coverage, no one will have to — We’ll help cover the bills.

    Make the Best of a Bad Situation With Affordable Group Disability Insurance Plans

    While lifestyle has a lot to do with the illnesses and injuries someone might sustain, it’s not the only deciding factor. Even people who work out every day, follow a strict diet, and get plenty of sleep can still suffer an illness or injury. And whether they happen at work, home, or while on vacation, they can all affect someone’s ability to work and be productive.

    When the worst does happen, the patient’s entire focus should be on recovery, not bills or where the next meal is coming from. All this does is complicate recovery and keep him or her away from work longer. Group disability insurance, however, provides employees with a regular income until they’re back to work and 100% productive.

    Our group disability insurance packages aren’t an all or nothing thing, either. Depending on the plan you choose, employees can receive weekly, monthly or lump sum payments. Coverage can be either short or long-term for anything from cancer and heart disease, to tendonitis or carpal tunnel. It can also include additional benefits in case of death, as well as rehabilitation or partial benefits to help employees until they’re back on their feet.

    Build the Perfect Group Disability Insurance With Flexible Options

    Our main focus here at the Cunningham Group is making sure every insurance option we offer is affordable and easily available to everyone. Our group disability insurance packages are no different. We offer both long and short-term insurance options. Premiums are 100% employee paid and the plans are designed to meet your needs and the needs of your business.

    Combine a disability plan with group healthcare insurance. Add workers’ compensation, employer’s liability, and other packages for full, comprehensive coverage that’s guaranteed to keep you and your business covered no matter what the future holds.

    Ready to get started? Need some help choosing the best plan? Not sure what type of group disability insurance plan would work best for your business and your employees? Contact us now. Our insurance experts are available to help and get you the answers you need to make the right decision.