Kankakee County: Medical malpractice ruling stirs discord

side note: The unpopular reversal of the Illinois medical malpractice reform law has become a hot topic in the upcoming, Nov. 2, Supreme Court retention elections. The Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch has parked a billboard truck in front Kankakee County Courthouse proclaiming the slogan “Good Judges Matter.” This display of dissatisfaction about the courts recent ruling on the medical malpractice reform has not escaped the notice of Thomas Kilbride, an Illinois Supreme Court Justice who was raised in Kankakee. Visit the link to see how the Illinois Supreme Courts ruling has affected medical malpractice insurance rates in Illinois.

By Robert Themer

Parked in front of the Kankakee County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon, the narrow “billboard truck” of the Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch proclaimed “Good Judges Matter.”

Further, and likely a first, it urged voters: “On Nov. 2, don’t forget to vote in the Supreme Court retention elections.”

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