Junior doctors go on strike in the UK. Could you see this happening here?

It’s been almost a full day since junior doctors in the UK decided to walk out and strike. It’s important to note what junior doctors actually are: The term junior doctor is a little misleading. It covers medics who have just graduated from medical school through to those who have more than a decade of experience on the front line.

The issue at hand is the current contract and overall pay for the junior doctors. It appears as though talks have become highly political with unions all over the UK believing this fight will have far reaching effects. You can read all about the strike over at the BBC.

Could we see this happen in the United States? We know that doctors have walked out in the past, but this typically happens on a small level. Last January, 150 doctors in California walked out for one day to protest how the University system allocates money. It had nothing to do about their salaries. However, with lower reimbursement rates and hospital employment on the rise, will we ever see physicians walk out in protest?

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