Is Medical Malpractice Insurance Reform Part of the Debt Ceiling Solution?

Our Washington sources have acknowledged this morning that President Obama may add medical malpractice insurance reform as a way to get a debt ceiling deal done with the Republican leadership in both Houses of Congress. We have yet to hear details of what specific ideas the President will float to try and get a deal done before August 2nd, but we do know that this is a tactic the President has used before to try and get the Republicans to pass legislation.

When the President decided to tackle medical malpractice insurance reform as a part of his healthcare package, he found some Republicans that were willing to compromise. At the end of the day however, med-mal reforms materialized in test projects, which disappointed numerous Republican lawmakers, as well as a good chunk of their base.

As we hear more on this throughout the day and coming week, we will update our News section with the latest breaking debt ceiling talks. Background: We are a division of Cunningham Group, the nation’s largest independent medical malpractice insurance broker. We have been helping physicians lower their medical malpractice insurance rates since 1947. We are the only source for Historic Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates in all 50 States.