How States are Wooing Physicians

Resident Standing in HallIt’s good to be a medical student or resident these days. Already facing physician shortages, many states are working hard to retain medical school graduates and GME graduates. The efforts are being made by medical schools, state medical societies, legislatures and hospitals. Here are some highlights from a recent article on physician retention.

Medical Schools
Many states have opened new medical schools, expanded current programs or added new residency programs. And, many programs now offer scholarships, bonuses or special loan repayment programs if physician graduates stay in-state.

Iowa State Medical Society
The Iowa State Medical Society has gone so far as to create a database detailing physicians in residency programs across the US who have some connection to Iowa –if they were Iowa-born, went to med school or completed their residency in Iowa. They use the database to then recruit physicians to the state. The medical society has also created a mentor program pairing med students with Iowa physicians.

The article also provides a nice interactive map detailing each state and its physician retention rate. And, we here at can’t help but notice that California has the second highest retention rate. We think it’s because California has some of the best tort reform and the California med mal rates are so reasonable.

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