Hopeful Medical Industry News on Malpractice Premiums for Physicians is Released for 2008

A newly-released 2008 Medical Economics survey focusing on malpractice premiums for physicians across the United States provides encouraging medical industry news on one of the least popular issues for healthcare providers – malpractice insurance. The actuarial research, presented to the Physician Insurers Association of America and reported by Medical Economics, is available for perusal by following the Medical Economics link.

“Malpractice premiums are certainly not the most popular topic when it comes to healthcare professionals,â€? admits Sean Keating, Product Director for Modern Medicine, the website for doctors that offers medical industry news and an online medical library as a resource for physicians. “This report provides some encouraging medical news for the medical industry on the subject, and also helps physicians put malpractice insurance in context when it comes to the actual costs of premiums reliant on geography and medical practice areas. I think all medical practitioners in America will find it enlightening, to say the least.â€?’

Among the findings discussed in the survey is the fact that family physicians, internists, and pediatricians all paid median costs of $12,500 annually for med-mal coverage in 2007, while ob/gyns paid more than four times as much, purportedly due to their propensity to be sued. Another intriguing statistic focuses on geographic disparity – malpractice premiums continue to be higher in the East than in the South or the West, attributed to the litigious climate in the Northeast and the lack of tort reform in states such as New York and Pennsylvania.

Full details of the 2008 Medical Economics survey concerning malpractice insurance for healthcare professionals are available at http://medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com.