Health Care – Medical Malpractice in Arizona

Health-care costs are skyrocketing, making it more and more difficult for small employers and employees to obtain affordable health insurance and care.

There are many factors that contribute to increased costs. One of the reasons is the ever-increasing medical malpractice insurance premiums for health-care providers. This situation is causing crisis in many areas of the state, where communities are losing health-care access altogether.

This session, the small-business community, health-care providers and insurance carriers are supporting SB 1032, a bill that would require a higher standard of proof — clear and convincing evidence — for medical malpractice cases related to certain emergency circumstances. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Carolyn Allen.

NFIB Position: NFIB supports efforts to keep health care affordable while continuing quality care and accessibility to health care. NFIB supports SB 1032.

Issue Status: On Jan. 11, the Senate Health Committee passed SB 1032. The bill now moves to the Rules Committee for consideration.

What to Do: Please contact Senate lawmakers and encourage them to support SB 1032.
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