Georgia Medical Association President Warns Of Doctor Shortage

Dr. Jack M. Chapman says MCG expansion is critical to meet the need for new doctors

By Randy Key

he President of the Georgia Medical Association says a doctor shortage is looming for the state.

Doctor Jack Chapman spoke to the Augusta Exchange Club, on Thursday.

Dr. Chapman says the state will be 2,500 doctors short of where it needs to be by the year 2025. He says facilities, including MCG in Augusta, need to be expanded as much as possible to help alleviate the shortage.

Dr. Jack M. Chapman, President, Medical Association of Georgia: “If we started today, addressing the physician shortage, it would take a generation for us to meet that need. So, we need to be able to add that training as we can.”

Doctor Chapman says, right now, only about half the residency slots that are needed are available in the state.
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