FPIC Welcomes Loss-Free Illinois Physicians

First Professionals Insurance Co. (FPIC) and Bentley Insurance Group (BIG)
of Chicago have joined forces to protect physicians and surgeons with
favorable loss histories in Illinois via an exclusive risk purchasing group,
Bentley RPG. This approach began when BIG formed to provide MPLI coverage
for Illinois doctors with favorable loss histories. Both BIG and FPIC
recognize the need for those elite doctors to purchase coverage at prices
that are not determined by the losses of other policyholders.

“As the premier carrier in Florida for medical professional liability
insurance, we have always insured the best of the best in the medical
community, and we have always rewarded their positive loss experiences,�
said Robert E. White, Jr., FPIC president. “This opportunity is an extension
of that philosophy and allows us to expand our products and services to
Illinois, in an arrangement with minimal risk exposure for our stakeholders
and great benefit for the practitioners in the BIG program.�

Through this program, FPIC will provide insurance with limits of liability
up to $1 million/$3 million to the physicians and surgeons in the risk
purchasing group. FPIC policies will be reinsured by BIG’s captive and
London reinsurers. This reinsurance arrangement will limit the company’s
risk of loss in this program. BIG has an exclusive underwriting and
marketing arrangement with AVRECO in Chicago.

“First Professionals brings a competitive edge and superior protection to
our area for the first time,� said AVRECO Assistant Vice President Charlie
Becker. “The company’s longstanding operation as a financially sound medical
professional liability insurer, and its outstanding claims management
record, give preferred physicians and surgeons in Illinois another option—a
better option.�

The program is available to physicians licensed in the state of Illinois in
private practice or hospital-based practice, who meet all qualifications for
membership in Bentley RPG, LLC, and coverage in this program.