For High Pay, Doctors are Tops

Side note: Forbes has come out with the list of America’s Best and Worst Paying careers. Unsurprisingly, doctors and surgeons come out on top, with 9 of the 10 best-paying jobs being in the medical field. However, the article is also careful to note that physicians (particularly specialists and surgeons) face a very high cost of practicing their profession, including student loans averaging $150,000 and yearly medical malpractice insurance costs that can be well over $100,000, depending on your specialty and location.

Of course, not all of these costs can be controlled, but there are strategies to control your med mal insurance costs. For more information, check out our series of articles on strategies to lower your medical liability insurance costs. Click and you can also compare Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates over time for your state and/or specialty.

By Helen Coster

Chief executives continue to make headlines for what many consider to be their excessive pay, but according to government data released Monday, doctors, on average, do even better. They have the best-paid jobs in the country.


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