Doctors Oppose Medical Malpractice Bill

DENVER, Colo. — Colorado doctors are fighting a state bill that would raise caps on medical malpractice damages.

SB 164 has already passed in the Senate and will be heard for the first time in the House this week.Supporters argued that it gives patients injured by careless doctors fair compensation by raising the cap on non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, to match those in other types of lawsuits.

But doctors said it will force some physicians to reevaluate how they practice because of concerns over skyrocketing medical liability rates.

“Some may leave the state. Some may retire. Some may stop delivering babies altogether, and some may stop doing high-risk surgical procedures,” said Dr. Kim Warner, president of Colorado Gynecologic and Obstetric Society.But lawmakers said the bill will only apply in a few cases, and that it will give some power back to the juries.”Those of us who support the bill, we support injured people getting more of what the jury thinks they should get,” said Sen. Ken Gordon, D-Denver.

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