Do You Need a Part-time Med Mal Policy? 5 Things to Know

Stethoscope with a HeartI just read a great article on AMedNews, entitled, “More doctors work part time, flexible schedules,” about the growing trend of physicians creating their own, flexible schedules to meet their lifestyle goals. This trend comes as no surprise, as it seems that this is the way of the rest of the working world right now. We here at are also seeing this trend of physicians needing part-time med mal policies. (See the article for all of the interesting details of who fits this new demographic.)

If you are considering working part-time, there are five things that every physician should know about part-time med mal coverage.

1. Most liability insurance companies consider 20 hours or less to be part-time to offer a part-time med mal policy.

2. Part-time med mal policy premiums tend to be 35-65% less than regular/full-time premiums.

3. In order to issue part-time med mal coverage, many insurance companies require their physicians to sign an affidavit, saying that they are working 20 hours or less per week.

4. Med mal liability companies may send a representative to their part-time med mal clients’ offices to further verify their 20 hour or less work schedules.

5. Part-time med mal coverage isn’t just for physicians who don’t want to fully retire or for physicians who want to balance work and family life. We often suggest that physicians who are just starting out, and building a practice, may want to consider part-time med mal coverage, if it make sense for them. Because it often takes time to build a practice, most physicians who are starting their own practice don’t work full-time from day 1 –they gradually build up to practicing full-time. Recognizing this can save a physician thousands of dollars –especially at a time when every dollar counts.

Contact us today to discuss if a part-time med mal policy is right for you. Remember, the call is free and there is never any obligation.

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