AMA meeting to shape policy on emerging issues in medicine

By Chelsey Ledue

CHICAGO – Medical tourism and medical student debt burden and its impact on the physician shortage, are two of the hot topics to be discussed at a five-day meeting of the American Medical Association in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency. The meeting starts Saturday.
The annual meeting of the AMA’s House of Delegates is a democratic forum designed to create a national physician consensus on healthcare issues in the United States. Reports say that the unifying consensus results in policies that become the driving force behind the AMA’s advocacy.

The meeting will help determine the course of future AMA initiatives by establishing policies on emerging issues in science, ethics, government, public health and business, said officials.

The June 14-18 meeting will also look at:

  • Health effects of high fructose syrup
  • Simplified nutritional rating system for processed foods
  • Risk of injury or death from tasers
  • Secret shopper patients
  • Medicine in the nation’s courtrooms

Delegates will get a chance to vote on the proposed policies on the last day of the meeting.

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