A French psychiatrist sentenced after patient commits murder

Stressed doctorThis is a bizarre story in which a court in Marseilles, France has convicted a French psychiatrist, Daniele Cararelli, of manslaughter, b/c her patient committed a murder.

Her patient murdered an 80 year old man 20 days after fleeing a consultation with the doctor. The doctor was sentenced to 1 year in prison and ordered to pay 8,500 Euros to the victim’s children.

We know that events like this can “show” the insurance carriers that there is extra risks that they were not aware of before. This can lead to increased liability insurance costs. Since this was in Europe, and not in the States, we can assume that this will not effect rates. Only time will tell though…….

From the Yahoo News Article:

A court in Marseilles said Daniele Canarelli, 58, had committed a “grave error” by failing to recognize the public danger posed by Joel Gaillard, her patient of four years.

The court said Canarelli should have requested Gaillard be placed in a specialized medical unit or referred him to another medical team, as one of her colleagues suggested. Her stubborn refusal had equated to a form of “blindness”, the court president Fabrice Castoldi said.

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