Workplace Romance Can Be a Liability

Side Note: Working in any medical office poses its challenges: heavy workload, fast pace, multiple employees to get along with, new advances to keep up with –it’s tough. But, add in an office romance and things could get exponentially tougher –even if you are not in the relationship. Even the most thoughtful, most low-key office romances can be awkward, at times, for others in the office. But, what happens when an office romance goes bad? Is your practice ready to handle it? Most likely it’s not.

A recent article on outlines many of the potential problems and liabilities physicians may face if a romantic relationship goes awry in their medical practice. According to the article, ideally a medical practice has in place a policy that employees are aware of for how relationships are handled in the work place and how those involved are expected to conduct themselves. If a relationship is underway, and there is no policy in place, the article cautions physicians to be careful about trying to implement a new policy as a reactive measure. Doing this could expose the physician to charges of discrimination. And, if the relationship takes a turn for the worse, physicians should also be aware that a hostile workplace, not only for those previously in the relationship, but also for others in the office, could be created –another liability.

Physicians face enough liabilities with malpractice alone. We here at understand that having to think about your physician liability coverage and workplace liabilities with your own employees is just another thing to add to the do list. But, thinking about how relationships should be handled in a practice ahead of time can save a physician many, many worse headaches.

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How to keep office romances from hurting your practice
By Victoria Stagg Elliott
Posted April 11, 2011

Physician Office RomanceCole Porter wrote that, when it comes to love, “birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it,” but so do medical practice employees. Intimate relations among staffers can create drama, lower morale, reduce productivity and prompt litigation, but experts say these risks can be minimized even if they can’t be eliminated.

“There can be so much tension. It can make everyone’s life miserable,” said attorney David Gabor, a partner at Gabor & Gabor in Garden City, N.Y.

Full article here.

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