Debt Reduction Task Force looks to Cap Veteran Medical Malpractice Awards

Side note: The Debt Reduction Task Force, which is a bipartisan committee chaired by Republican Senator Pete Domenici, is setting it’s cost cutting sights on the military community. The task force proposes caps on medical malpractice lawsuits involving veterans. They also propose freezing defense spending for a 5 year period. The group also recommends limiting retirement benefits for service men, and women, serving less than 15 years. The members of the task force justify these potentially unpopular choices by stressing that the approaching wave of debt facing the nation is the number one threat to national security.

By Charles Benson

Centreville, VA: Veteran medical malpractice awards could be capped after a second bipartisan task force recently unveiled some new cost-cutting recommendations, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

The Debt Reduction Task Force, which is co-chaired by former Republican Senator Pete Domenici and economist Alice Rivlin, is taking aim at the military community through a proposal that could also increase social security payroll taxes and create a five-year freeze on defense spending.

In addition, military members who have not served more than 15 years could potentially come under a new, cheaper retirement plan, according to the news provider.

The second debt panel began its work at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington D.C. in January, and its latest report warns that an approaching wave of debt could ultimately destroy American prosperity, according to the news source.

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